Recycling Times Media encourages discussion and engagement among and between the Aftermarket and the OEM imaging sectors. Following the launch of its first event in 2007, the company commenced the publication of its monthly print consumables magazine in Chinese. It has since added monthly English and Spanish editions and a weekly TV broadcast. In 2012 it commenced co-operation with the Moscow-based agency, Business Inform to publish a quarterly edition of the magazine in the Russian language.



Recycling Times (RT) Media Corporation was founded by Tony Lee and Sabrina Lo in 2006. After enlisting the services of industry veteran, David Gibbons, the company started running a small, three-day annual exhibition called the RemaxAsia Expo, which was held at the Zhuhai International Hotel. The event has grown year after year, with 5,000 attendees in 2008 and 8,626 in 2010, after having moved to the China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition Center.

Three years after its formation, RT Media became independent from its UK based partner company. Subsequently, the event was temporarily renamed CIFEX. By 2011, the show had become the largest print consumables trade show in the world, and the first annual exhibition held at the Airshow Center in Zhuhai. Once again, attendance records were broken that year with 9,893 visitors searching for computer printing supplies.

Since 2013, RT Media holds the annual expo at the newly constructed Zhuhai International Convention & Exhibition Center, with more than 10,000 attendees’ year on year.

In 2015, RT Media acquired the USA based Recharger Magazine along with its World Expo which was run in Las Vegas for almost 30 years. Subsequently the name changed again, combining the former Remax brand with the newly acquired World Expo brand. The exhibition was reborn as the RemaxWorld Expo to reflect its international audience.

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