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From report on the work of the government to see 2017 medical hot words

From Premier Li Keqiang's report on the work of the government to see 2017 medical hot words


Chinese Premier Li Keqiang delivers a government work report during the opening meeting of the fifth session of China's 12th National People's Congress in Beijing, capital of China, March 5, 2017, the report on the work of the government mentioned something:


2016 review

l To expand the public hospital comprehensive reform pilot, deepen the medical and medical equipment examination and approval system reform.

l The integration of urban and rural residents in basic medical insurance system, improves the financial subsidy standards.

l Increase the basic public health services.

l To achieve full coverage of the serious illness insurance, in line with the provisions of the province outside the hospital medical expenses can be directly settled.


2017 task

l Urban and rural residents health insurance subsidy from 420 yuan per person per year increased to 450 yuan, simultaneously improve personal payment standards, expand the scope of drug protection. ( 450 yuan)

l In the country to promote health insurance information network, to achieve remote medical treatment of hospital direct settlement. (health insurance information networking)

l Improve the serious illness insurance system, improve the level of protection. (serious illness insurance)

l The full start of various forms of medical union construction pilot, three public hospitals to participate and play a leading role in the establishment of high-quality hospital resources to promote the up and down through the assessment and incentive mechanism to enhance grass-roots service capabilities to facilitate the nearest medical treatment. (medical union)

l Graded clinics and family contracting services expanded to more than 85% of the city. (85%)

l To support the development of Chinese medicine, national medicine. (Developing Chinese medicine)

l To improve the regulatory system, to enrich the grass-roots regulatory power, consolidate the responsibility of all parties, adhere to the source control, both production and management, heavy code chaos, and resolutely put the people's food safety every pass. (food regulation)

l To carry out a new round of comprehensive reform pilot services to support social forces to provide education, pension, medical and other services. Promote the service industry model innovation and cross-border integration, the development of medical integration, cultural and creative emerging consumption. (Medical combination)

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